Here at the agency, excuses are widely unpopular. Business owners ask us all the time. How they can generate leads without having a sales team, resources to pay for an expensive database or even invest in a digital marketing strategy.

And I will be honest, it is quite a puzzle. But, thankfully we have the answer for you. We will give you 3 essential tools that have worked for us to automate the email outreach and that can be adapted and used by any size company. The objective is to optimize resources and to not spam people. 

Three essential tools, to automate your email outreach.

  1. Redscraper prospector
  2. Gmail Account (If you have G-suit even better)
  3. Mailshake

The process

First, we need a high-quality database. To not waste time, the perfect audience is on LinkedIn and we can pull it using Redscraper prospector. Through this tool, you will get the title, email address, and location of potential customers.

Then, once you export it, you connect your Gmail account with Mailshake, this connection will allow you to schedule a series of emails that will reach your target audience and automatically stop once you receive a positive response.

Finally, make sure that you do your homework and create a compelling message providing some type of value. Your goal is to create a build a relationship with those prospects and truly help them.

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