Digital Advertising For Online Stores

“I am looking for a solution to get more sales through my online store”
If the statement above sounds like something you are thinking, you got to the right place.

Over the years we developed a 3-step process to accomplish just that. Now, these solutions we will present below are ideal for any type of online store in categories such as beauty, jewelry, clothing, medical supplies, sports, among others.

Step 1
We identify your target customer in the digital channels they use such as Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Step 2
When the users click on your ad, they will be directed to your website so they can see your product, add it to cart and checkout

Step 2
When the users click on the ad, they will be directed to your website so they can see your product, add it to cart and checkout

Step 3
Finally, you will gain access to a dashboard that will allow you to track your return on investment in real time 24/7, 365 days of the year. (Sales, number of checkouts, traffic, clicks, best performing campaigns and more)

Accelerate your sales growth with digital advertising

Case Study 1
US visa appointment

The challenge: US VISA appointment was looking for additional traffic channels to increase their online sales.

The solution: Solved Puzzle
developed a customize strategy to position their website on the first page of Google by selecting relevant keywords, creating quality content and building relationships with high authority sites which link back to the articles.

The results: US visa appointment increase their organic traffic by 600% within a 6-month period.

Case Study 2
Nava Pets
The challenge: This online store had user experience issues which affected the online conversions (Website sales)

The solution: Our team audited the website and re-designed the solution with Shopify.

The results: The new website
provides a friendly and intuitive experience that had a direct impact on the sales with a 300% growth within the first 60 days.

Case Study 3
Gran Inka

The challenge: This restaurant chain had limited exposure to a local audience.

The solution: Our SEO specialist optimized their website, Google my business and launch an aggressive off page initiative.

The results: Their website traffic had an exponential growth of 1200% within a 3-month period.

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