You want to accelerate your business growth and you have a killer sales team. But, you need to attract more lead. This article will be about how to do just that with 5 simple steps.

Step 1. Create your customer avatar: which is pretty much your ideal customer. If you want more information about what is a customer avatar and how to build it click here.

Step 2. Pick your channels: find out your perfect digital channel mix according to your type of business with our calculator. And also, you can check out this video where our CEO talks about the channels that can work best for your business.

Step 3. Create a great offer and send the traffic to the offer page: Also called landing page. You could offer a free trial, free consultation or a demo that helps you put your foot in the door.

Step 4. Retarget people who did not convert into leads with a limited time offer to create urgency.

Remember that users are busy, so they might like your brand and want your service but could have been interrupted or were tired and simply thought something like “I will deal with that tomorrow”. Which, I am sure sounds familiar to you. For that reason, you want to stay on top of mind. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are great for retargeting.

For instance, you can show ads to people who visited your website but did not fill out the form or you can retarget people who watched 100% of your videos but did not take action for whatever reason.

Step 5: Mix it up. Test with different types of videos and creatives. Even if you apply the best marketing practices, it is impossible to know what will work best for you until you test it.

The great news is that once you crack what channels and ads that connect better with your audience. You will have a predictable and scalable system to help you grow!

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