“Really, I have been in sales for 30 years and sales are not easy, sales are hard!”

Well, you are right. For most industries, it was not easy until now. You see, contrary to decades ago, we now have everything within our reach and we have to aim for lifetime value. Within a few minutes, you can order groceries, clothes and even cars from your phones. You have all the information about features, pricing and even blog posts making it easy for you to compare products, services, and reviews.

Now, you might say something like “Yes, but I get leads via my site and they are hard to close and I waste my time on the phone”  Well if you have a great sales team, you actually have a marketing problem, not a sales problem.

Your marketing efforts are supposed to send you qualified leads which means people who want your service and can also afford it. The way you do that is by following 4 core steps:

  1. Creating a customer avatar or buying persona.
  2. Develop a marketing funnel; you need to move your traffic through the 6 stages of your sales funnel. No matter what channel they come from.
  3. Develop content to connect with people and built relationships; in today’s market, you need to develop relationships with your audience by giving them valuable content.
  4. Qualify the traffic; This step is especially essential for those businesses that participate in the lead generation space, take the time to add the proper filters in order to talk to the right people that can afford your product/service, and that fits your customer avatar profile.

That way, and assuming that you have a great product or service with competitive prices. Your sales process would be mostly about answering questions and guiding your prospects to the best solution for them so they come back.


If you need to take your closing to a next level, we recommend the course of Jordan Belfort, it is like $10 dollars a month and as a disclaimer, we have no affiliation, referral link or anything like that, but it can help your team communicate better with your audience.

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