Best Las Vegas SEO company for 2019

What is SEO? How can an SEO expert help your business? What is the best option when selecting a SEO specialist?  These are the main questions that arise when a business wants to increase revenue by generating higher traffic with SEO initiatives. Let’s go over the basics first, SEO (search engine optimization) is a series of tasks an SEO expert implements that a site gets a higher score and rank on the first position for relevant keywords. For example, if you own a restaurant in Las Vegas. A Search engine optimization can help you optimize your site so whenever a potential customer searches for a term such as “Las Vegas Restaurant near me”, your restaurant will show up on the first page. Then, he or she will click on the results, get to your site and visit your location or place an order.

These are some of the features an SEO solution includes:

Las Vegas SEO – On page SEO:

It is the process of increasing your websites health score and using the right keywords in the right sections of your website.

Las Vegas SEO – Off-page SEO:

You can position your site as an authority with the help of a Las Vegas SEO company. In involves link building which can be a very challenging task to do.

Las Vegas SEO – Keyword research:

This is perhaps the most important task of all. Selecting the right keywords will make the difference between getting a return on investment or not. A Las Vegas SEO specialist will analyze the keywords competitiveness, traffic, and user intent (Ready to buy or just browsing)

Las Vegas SEO – Competitive Analysis:

An SEO expert will perform an audit to your site and will also analyze your competitors’ websites. Once, he or she collects the data will define areas of opportunities before developing the best strategy for your business.

Las Vegas SEO – What is the best SEO provider for you?

There are several options and many companies who do a good job. However, we have put together a checklist that you can follow to protect your interest and making sure that you hire the best SEO agency.

Creation of Schema mark up | Standing out from the crowd

Most companies and even SEO companies do not implement schema mark up. What are schemas? why its implementation is essential to help you get better results? Schema mark up sends more information from your business to the search engines. This information allows Google and Bing to provide a better experience to their users. Thus, they will award you with a higher real estate in the search results and help you get more relevant traffic to your business. Please see the example below: As you can see, when you search on mobile devices, you will see that our result will use more space, include ratings from the experience of previous clients and even includes an image that will capture the attention and generate more traffic to our site.

Types of schema mark up

There are different types, but these are some of the ones we use for our clients to get ahead of their competitors:


This schema will allow you to show those your ratings and show your potential customers that you deliver quality.

Local Business

It’s ideal for businesses looking to stand out within a local area and generate foot traffic.


If you have a blog, chances are that you have valuable content that validates that you are an expert. This schema is fantastic to boost your visibility and capture users looking for answers.


Ideal to let Google know the specific of service your company provides


People looking to buy a product tend to search differently to the ones who are simply considering it. Make sure that your products have the highest visibility possible when those buyers start searching.


This schema simply makes it easier for students to find you.


Most businesses in the food industry can take massive advantage of this schema to attract a highly relevant audience that they can, later on, turn into customers or even students

Software application

Building software is a complex task. Thankfully, promoting its value with a 5-star rating make things easier


There are a lot of details that search engines and users want to know about books and this schema improves the user experience drastically.


When is the event happening? where is it happening? users will know instantly with this schema.

Video Object

People love videos and search engines love making people happy so they continue to use their services. Adding a thumbnail to the search results will help your video views and reach hit those desire numbers. Finally, if you have any questions, you can request your FREE assessment call. For that reason, we put together an SEO checklist that will give you the 10 things to check before signing a contract. Click here to Download